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We have been providing first aid training in the Lower Mainland as an incorporated company since 1985. Since those early days we have shared our knowledge with many thousands of students from other parts of the province as well as other areas of Canada and even other countries including Africa, El Salvador and the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman. Day, evening, and private group courses are available with a wide range of starting dates and times to suit almost everyone.

The goal of our team of devoted instructors is to ensure that our students receive a high level of training, able to use their skills in a responsible manner in times of need.

What’s new at MRFAS?

Last modified on 3 December 2018

Having trouble getting your Red Cross certificate?

We sincerely hope the computer programme techs at Red Cross will continue to work diligently in their attempts at getting the bugs out of their system because we are getting a lot of flak from students who are unable to print out their certificates. We have our fingers crossed.

Surprising changes to the OFA 2 and OFA 3 courses
July 1st, 2018 marked the day when a great many changes took effect in the OFA programme. They are too numerous to itemize here in the limited space available but the ones that immediately stand out are that OFA 2 and 3 class sizes have been reduced from 18 to 12 and that the instructors will be conducting the exams. The exams, now called “knowledge evaluations “, take place within the timeframe allotted for the course which means that a separate day will not be necessary.

MOST IMPORTANT that you understand that there is required prereading for the OFA 2 and 3 courses. Once you have registered, contact the office at 604-465-5622 and arrange a date to pick up your books well in advance of the course date. If this is not convenient for you ask to be sent an email with the Reference and Training Manual link along with the pages that you need to read before the course starts. Failure to preread could seriously affect your ability to be successful in this course. Remember that even if you are not new to this level of OFA there are new protocols and standards that must be learned in order to successfully complete this course.

Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid same as OFA 1
As of September 1, 2018 Red Cross Emergency First Aid (EFA) and Standard First Aid (SFA) are both equivalent to Occupational First Aid level 1. Little bit more expensive for the Red Cross programmes but then again they are recognized nation-wide and there is a fancier book. OFA 1 includes CPR A with the AED while the two Red Cross courses include CPR C with AED.

Red Cross courses
Red Cross courses for 2019 are posted on our website.

Red Cross Instructor and Red Cross Instructor Recert
Red Cross has decided to drastically reduce the number of agencies that are able to teach these courses. Interested schools were asked to apply. We chose not to apply. You will need to contact to find out who is holding your course of interest in your area. Time will tell whether Red Cross made the right decision. Us too for that matter. If you must travel further now in order to take your FAI or FAIR and it is a hardship for you, you might let Red Cross know and then once we hear from Red Cross we will re-evaluate our position.

Occupational First Aid courses
All OFA courses for 2019 are posted on our website.

Coming from the Langley area?
You can use the Golden Ears Bridge. Go to the About Us and Where Are We pages for specific directions.

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