Occupational First Aid Level 3

A WorkSafeBC approved 70 hour program designed to provide advanced life saving first aid skills to workers in industry, including the skills to provide safe transportation of the injured worker to medical aid.


There are no minimum age requirements to participate in the OFA courses. However, to be a designated first aid attendant in a workplace under the jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC an employer must ensure that the attendant is at least 16 years of age. Candidates must be able to comprehend the information presented and be physically capable of performing the required skills to be issued an OFA certificate. If a Candidate is able to meet the course objectives, they can be marked as “successful” and be issued a certificate.

By WorkSafeBC regulation, candidates must also complete a Statement of Fitness prior to being certified in OFA level 3.


Upon completion of the 70 hour Level 3 course the student will be examined by the course instructor to assess competency. A separate date is not required. Successful completion of both a written and a practical exam will certify the student for three years.

To renew a level 3 certificate a candidate must successfully complete the Occupational First Aid level three exam.

Course Objectives

Candidates will be taught recognition, problem-solving and management in the following areas:

  • Four stages of the Priority Action Approach:
    • Detection and intervention of life-threatening conditions
    • Physical assessment
    • Interpretation of vital signs
  • Obstructed airway clearing procedures.
  • Oxygen administration.
  • Use of a pocket mask.
  • Use of a bag-valve mask.
  • Shock and Deadly bleeding management.
  • One and two rescuer cardiopulmonary resuscitation with AED.
  • Cervical hard collar application.
  • Patient securing for transport.
  • Principles of immobilization.
  • First aid room techniques.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people suffer ill effects as a result of being exposed to specific items such as nuts while others are adversely affected by some fragrances. The effects of these allergies can range anywhere from bothersome to life threatening or anywhere in between. While you are in our school, please refrain from using any perfumes, colognes or aftershave lotions. Their fragrances may be pleasant in the outdoors but not so much in the confined space of a classroom for someone with asthma.

MOST IMPORTANT: There is prereading for this course. Once you have registered, contact the office at 604-465-5622 and arrange a date to pick up your books well in advance of the course date. If this is not convenient for you ask to be sent an email with the Reference and Training Manual link along with the pages that you need to read before the course starts. Failure to preread could seriously affect your ability to be successful in this course. Remember that even if you are not new to this level of OFA there are new protocols and standards that must be learned in order to successfully complete this course.

The WCB Occupational First Aid level 3 course is $860. This includes all texbooks, exam, registration and a complimentary pocket mask. We offer the WCB OFA level 3 course in both a 2 week daytime format and a limited number of courses in a part time format where the student attends 2 evenings and all day Saturday per week for 5 weeks. The written and practical exams are included in the 70 hours. The following dates are scheduled for 2020:

Level 3 (2 week Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Start Date Finish Date
July 20 July 31
August 24 September 4
October 19 October 30
November 16 November 27

Level 3 (part time – 2 evenings per week 6:30 pm to
10:15 pm & Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Start Date Finish Date
September 28 October 31 M W Sat.

* Statutory Holiday Falls Within This Course – Classes Will Proceed

Download Schedule or Contact us or register for course

The downloadable schedule is in PDF format, and will require a PDF viewer to read. If you do not have a PDF viewer, you may visit www.adobe.com to download the free Acrobat Reader

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